Saturday, 12 May 2018

Fantastic houses for sale in Kisumu: Never substitute your agent with internet

With the arrival of new and fast ways of doing things like in the technology and web-based solutions, everybody is turning the gear to being digital. I am in solidarity with you that we must embrace changes that come especially when they are tailored to helping us do things faster and conveniently. That, I don’t have any complaint. But what worries me is seeing people changing things which needs their physical presence with technology. If you are looking for fantastic houses for sale in Kisumu are anywhere else across the globe, you must not attempt to change people with the internet. Real estate business is based on people’s livelihood. It comes with heavy burdens and years sacrifices saving resources to put into the good and worthy investment.
Because of the magnitude of the investment involved, you need all the information you can get about that property before you can make any commitment. You can easily be conned your entire life savings in the name of getting fantastic houses for sale in Kisumu if you ignore the human contact which in this case is mainly the agents, friend, and relatives. The websites are good for getting the information. They should act as the link point and not the solution to your investment problem. Your solution is in the lies with an honest person behind that website. What am I addressing hear? Take the keen interest in meeting the person whose contact is on the website for a one on one face to face chat about the house or property posted there.
Let me share with you a disappointing story about changing agents with internet. As a professional in real estate in Kisumu, I have seen people browse through the website and try to trace their way to the ground where the said property is located. One such investor read from one of the websites an attractive headline like the one we have here now “the fantastic houses for sale in Kisumu.” The article gave good location of where the property is and he chose to trace the property with a view of having the direct contact with the owner of the property. He wanted to save some coin by eliminating the middlemen. I have no problem with making savings, because even me I want to save as much as I can. So this investor went on the grown and true to his which he found the property and one of the kin’s of the true owner of the property. They negotiated and sealed the deal. Year’s letter, the true owner of the property surfaced. To cut the long story short all the document he was show ware falsified and he lost his investment and was charged alongside his seller for handling a stolen property.
From that story, as an investor, I want to advise you that when you feel sick, you seek the right diagnosis before you start taking the medication. Agents will help you get all the information about all the fantastic houses for sale in Kisumu and save you from making a false start. I must agree with the school of thought that some agents are equally dishonest, that is very true and that is why you must dig deeper into the history of the agent you are bringing in as your partner. You can trust West Kenya Real Estate Company with all your investment needs in Kisumu and beyond and be free to do your homework about us so that before you settle on us you have our track records well with you.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Prime Plot for Sale 0.03ha Mamboleo Junction Ksh2.5M

Prime Plot for Sale 0.03ha Mamboleo Junction Ksh2.5M: This is a Mamboleo junction hot property that you don’t look at twice. It can be grabbed anytime. Its location is so it’s ideal and the environment is serene. You can do commercial property there as well as residential apartments or house. The choice is yours. Key Features of this Mamboleo Junction Plot: It’s situated…

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Prime land for sale Kisumu

With the kind of rapid development growth taking place in Kisumu now, getting prime land for sale Kisumu City won’t be a problem. The region is currently experiencing serious infrastructural development in all sectors including the road construction, airport, standard gauge rail away line coming up, both urban and rural electrification and the recent declaration that Kisumu is now water sufficient. These factors are serious indicators of greater things to come and if you are visionary, you can begin positioning yourself at the right places by acquiring one of the prime lands for sale in Kisumu now. I am persuaded in my heart that with the speed of these developments, buying land in Kisumu in the next few years will be very expensive. And what does that mean to you if you cease the opportunity today? Do I need to go deeper into that? Anyway just to add more appetite, you will be sitting on a gold mine if you act smarter today.
If you are still not getting the revelation, let me simplify it further by giving an example of the places you need to take note of for both present and future development. Like for instance, take the land along Kibos Chiga road through Kibgori to Chemelil. As we speak now, this road has been marked for construction and the juicy part of it is that the Nairobi road through Kedowa, Muhoroni, Chemelil, Miwani joining the Kisumu Kakamega highway and Kisumu International Airport is almost complete having reached Muhoroni. Now the Kibos, Chiga, Kibgori road will be connecting to this new Kisumu Nairobi highway. When that happens, your present investment in this area will not only be the prime investment of the day but for decades to come. That is just a tip of the greater opportunities that await you when you position your investment strategically by acquiring any of the prime land for sale Kisumu City today.
And if you are new in this location, you may not understand the seriousness of these investment opportunities. That is just alright and because this article along may not reveal more, you will need to have a one on one discussion with people on the ground to help you dissect every information accurately. And to be honest with you, getting the right partner on the ground is probably more important than the investment itself. That is so because, all these prospects in investment could turn into pain and losses if you meet the wrong partner. Therefore, we want to position ourselves to be that right investment partner you are looking for. We are West Kenya Real Estate Company incorporated in Kenya and based in Kisumu. Our offices are located along the Kibos Chiga road and that tells you how well informed we are when talking about this area as a prime land for sale Kisumu County today. You can do your own due diligence and that is very important so that you are not just relying on information given to you by the agent. But when you need the real inside story, the history and the future projection based on honesty and integrity, you can speak to us and we will help you professionally.     

1/4 acre land for sale Kisumu, Angola in Molem

1/4 acre land for sale Kisumu, Angola in Molem: These are nice land which you can buy and hold on for value appreciation or build a residential property. You can also buy nice rental properties there. It’s in Kolwa Angola area and you can access from Molem. It’s roughly 800 Metres. Key Features; Clean title Several access roads Electricity available secure vicinity No encumbrance…

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Project and Construction Management

Project and Construction Management: We offer project and construction management service for both commercial and residential Kisumu, Busia, Vihiga, Siaya and Kakamega counties.

1/4 acres land for sale Kisumu

1/4 acres land for sale Kisumu: This is a hot property in town suitable for several types of property investment types including residential apartments, office premises, for sale Kisumu.

Monday, 26 February 2018

Land in Kisumu

Kisumu is probably the home of great opportunities in nearly all sectors of life. Whichever way you chose to view it, Kisumu is the place to be for all kinds of legal businesses and investment. As a internet marketers, you main interest should be the land in Kisumu. For your business to make inroads sold in the market, you need a place to establish it. Somewhere you clients can locate you from with major contracts and business ideas. The county of Kisumu and her hospitable residence is offering that for you to come and join the able team of great sons and daughters of this great county.
And just to give a brief insight about the land in Kisumu, we have vast agricultural land with rich clay soil for all kinds of farming activities. The region is also well suited for construction works as it stands on very stable ground. The beaches along the shows of Lake Victoria offers investors whore solve to put their money in the hospitality industry to so. The beauty of the mountains facing Kisumu from all direction gives land in Kisumu the value. When you stand at the Nyabondo plateau you'll definitely be amazed at the breath taking sceneries. The Kano plains with its rich resource in irrigation projects including fishing activities. Anti aging is just overwhelmingly and writing may not supply you with the true feelings of what we have in Kit Mikayi which is a natural resource and a holiday destination in Kisumu. The sceneries of God’s workmanship on the stone placement in this place is just amazing.
And with the largest water lake to the west serving the three East African countries that is Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. This is essentially the main source of the waters of Lake Victoria which supplies the Nile River with its water. It may interest you to understand that River Nile is the longest riverin the world flowing through four countries from Uganda within the republic of South Sudan, the republic of Sudan and Egypt before emptying its waters into the Mediterranean Sea on the north of Egypt. All these waters are supplied from the rain waters flowing in the attractive rivers in Kisumu like river Nyando, Miriu among many others.
With all these and the good infrastructure development in Kisumu like good modern road network, railway line, an international airport and sea transport in Lake Victoria, you will be forgiven for having an appetite for a property for sale in Kisumu. And satisfy your appetite for land in Kisumu, the Kisumu quite a few people area welcoming community, intermarrying with other communities and at peace it her neighbors. Your interest to own a piece of Kisumu is a thought in the right direction. You can actualize that thought by seeking to acquire more information with our able property agents at West Kenya real estate.If you happen to be not a resident of Kisumu, you may not have the insight of what is happening is this region and this article alone may not give you the clear picture of what you should want to invest in. Due to that fact, West Kenya Real Estate will certainly be your best partner in spear heading your investment goals.