Sunday, 18 January 2015

Kisumu real estates climbing ladder of prominence

Kisumu real estates are among the sectors in this town that are steadily and surely climbing the ladder of prominence. Paired with sectors including Tourism, Fishing and Agriculture among others, this sector has at the moment gained not only the local focus but also the international focus.

This is a move which has attracted investors since with this, they actually are certain that their business deals also will thrive just the same way.

The question which could be lingering in number of peoples’ minds is, ‘how did Kisumu real estates have the opportunity to get that far?’ the answer to that is straightforward. It is just dedication, diligence, focus, patience and taking risks.

Let’s look at a number of the elements that enabled Kisumu real estates stand at the position it is.

· Selling freehold properties: any time we talk of a property being freehold, it means that as soon as the buyer acquires it, it entirely belongs to him as well as the title deed illustrate, if somebody buys a piece of land, he is issued with every document that pertains to that land since it then is a part of him. Now, Kisumu real estates handles such categories of properties because, firstly, they are actually cheaper as compared to the ones that are leased by the government even municipal council, which after buying, the buyer still will pay some rates for a given time frame.

· Nurturing and encouraging local investment: a lot of people are aware that a financier is a business person from out the country. Kisumu real estates have got a different belief. They think investors can as well come from within, as with local investors. Because of this, they gave room and nurtured both the local and international investments. This encouraged the local investors so much that they started investing in Kisumu real estates. Today, both the local plus the international investors are equal, with the locals not giving any chance to remain left behind, thereby doing very well in businesses too.

· Working closely with other sectors: there’s an outdated adage that states, no man is an island. People need one another. It is a/That's a/It's a principle that Kisumu real estates embraced pretty well. They joined hands and worked closely with other sectors such as Tourism and the rest. This gave them much exposure and for that reason, investors kept on arriving in big numbers with a desire to invest in Kisumu real estates.

Now, such are a few of the reasons that made Kisumu real estates get inside the international markets too.

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