Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Land for sale in Kakamega; viable for farming and investment

Kakamega County is amongst the counties in Western Kenya with very large population in excess of a million. In it are a total of 9 constituencies.

In contrast to the neighboring Kisumu County, Kakamega County is none volatile and calm. It's a county characterized with a great deal of farming as well as commercial investments. The type of farming that largely takes place in land for sale in Kakamega is large scale, and perhaps some subsistence sort of farming in certain few areas. It is because nearly all residents settle majorly within the rural areas.

Its calm and tranquil environment has attracted a great deal of investors, both locally and internationally. This, being the top most source of revenue to the county, has actually been fully backed up by the county government.

Now, a few of the places where you can find land for sale in Kakamega are such as Mumias town, where it will be easy to buy a land most suited for both commercial and residential projects, Kakamega town and Kambi Mwanza. Something interesting about land for sale in Kakamega is the idea that their documents are all clean without any traces of fracas. This attracts the investors the more since this is a sign that they are in clean deals. One more thing is the idea that the land is transferred direct from the property holder to the buyer. This is also undoubtedly evident that there's absolute genuineness in the entire process of land acquisition.

As pointed out above, land for sale in Kakamega is majorly for 2 purposes. You have the option to choose widespread farming or can carry out commercial investments.

Let’s look into both of these:

Widespread farming in Kakamega

Kakamega has a really good and favorable weather characterized with rainfall mostly. This makes it possible for the cash crops to do well. The main cash crop that does well in land for sale in Kakamega is sugarcane, as subsistence is Irish potatoes and additional ones. It also has two sugar factories with the largest being Mumias Sugar, based at Mumias.

Commercial investments

Being a very calm and peaceful environment, Kakamega has had lots of investors getting in for the purposes of doing business. With the influx ofmany local and foreign investors, it still has got a room for expanding, especially in hotel investments, lending institutions, industries, Supermarkets and even in educational institutions.

We’ve seen that main cash crop in Kakamega is sugar cane. And now with just two sugar factories, there may be a a requirement for an additional sugar factory in order to help take care of over a million residents of the entire Kakamega County.

Secondly, the investors will require business premises for their businesses. It will demand building additional premises. This is basically why I state that land for sale in Kakamega is viable for farming and investment.

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