Thursday, 12 February 2015

Invest in land for sale Siaya today

Invest in land for sale Siaya today
Land for sale Siaya is one land that an investor can operate so many things on. First of all, it is freehold, meaning that when you buy it for purpose of business for instance, you’ll not pay for so much cash as it would be with the other type of land, referred to as the leasehold.
Siaya County, being an educational center, a tourism site, a fishing hub as well as an agricultural centre, presents vast opportunities for investments. As an educational centre, with the 2 known universities namely Bondo University College and Bondo Teachers’ Training College, there has always been large number of students enrolling. However, there are no sufficient accommodation facilities in the region. An investor can take advantage of this by setting up more of these accommodation facilities and hostels which the students can rent.
Siaya also has a vast population. This is another thing that offers business and investment opportunities for investors, both from within the country and even from outside the country. The vast population which is increasing each and every day requires necessary things which include housing, social amenities and market expansion as well. Talking of housing for example, one can build rental houses in land for sale Siaya for example, and be able to fetch lots of cash from the same. Some people are also putting up their own residential homes in this very same land. The rental houses are in fact needed in large numbers due to the current trend in Siaya, where people are moving from the rural areas to look for job opportunities in the urban centre. This means that there are more people staying in the town than in the rural.
Another thing that comes with the vast population is the social amenities. Social amenities in this case include the schools, health care facilities, roads, financial institutions and the accommodation facilities, which will be able to benefit all the Siaya people.
Siaya also needs big markets and shopping malls. Being a town with tourism sites, there are always visitors visiting purposely to view the tourism sites.  This calls for the need of bigger shopping malls and decent 5 star hotels which can accommodate the visitors.
I had mentioned earlier that Siaya County is also a fishing hub. Among other counties such as Kisumu, Miuru Bay in Migori County and Homabay, Bondo in Siaya County also produces the two common species of fish namely Nile Perch and Tilapia, commonly known as Mbuta and Ngege respectively. Investor can invest in fishing and be able to export to the outside countries, especially in Europe where there’s the large consumption of such species of fish.

One can also set up a fish processing plant in the land for sale Siaya which can hugely help in preservation and value addition of fish, so that even some can be exported by air to other countries, considering the Kisumu international Airport which is just next to it.

This tells how Siaya is very rich when it comes to investments.                               

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