Thursday, 12 February 2015

More investment opportunities offered by Kisumu real estate

More investment opportunities offered by Kisumu real estate
Kisumureal estate continues to offer great and wide opportunities for investments in the city of Kisumu. With its widened scope, many investors continue to benefit from it. More investment opportunities are yet to be offered still by this sector.
Talking of the vast opportunities offered by this sector, a lot have been done and a lot still need to be done. There are a number of shopping malls for example, that are in the city. They include the Mega City Mall, West End Mall, United Mall, Dubai Complex Mall, Mega plaza Mall and Tuffoam Mall, among others that are still coming up. These malls have face lifted the city as there are so many developmental projects in them. Such projects include office spaces, bars and restaurants, accommodation facilities, healthcare facilities as well as swimming pools.
Kisumu also is a fishing hub. With this, investors can reap lots of cash. First of all they can come up with a number of cold rooms for purposes of storing fish, to be sold in the near future. Apart from the cold room, there’s also the need for a fish processing plant, which surprisingly is not anywhere near this city. The main purpose of this fish processing plant is to preserve fish, basically by value addition. In the entire process of value addition there’s the chopping so as just to remain with the fish fillets, and the canning, all for purposes of preservation, so that it can take long without spoiling.
Other investment opportunity that an investor can take advantage of is when it comes to the resuscitation of some of the industries that had collapsed some years back. An example of such industries includes the Kisumu Cotton Mills (KICOMI) whose plan of resuscitation is underway. You can grab this opportunity by acquiring a piece of land in Kisumu real estate and also come up with such like industries. Remember, it will provide lots of job opportunities to the locals. A number of them for example, will relocate even from the rural places to come for jobs in the city. This will definitely call for more of rental houses in the city.
With the increase in the number of people living in the urban, there’ll be need for more facilities such as healthcare, supermarkets, and the mobile money transfer systems, including Safaricom Mpesa, Airtel Money and Orange Money. Apart from all these there’ll also be need for expansion of the market places.
Kisumu is also an educational center with lots of middle level colleges, a number of national and county schools and the 2 top performing universities namely, Maseno University and Great Lakes’ University. Due to their high performances, there’s always high enrolment of students. An investor can invest in Kisumu real estate by putting up decent accommodation facilities for such students as well as hotels. With these, you can be sure to reap lots of cash.

As we can see, there are lots of things we can do in this city and still be able to prosper. You only need to take a step and start investing now.

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