Thursday, 12 February 2015

Precautions to take while investing in Kisumu real estate

Precautions to take while investing in Kisumu real estate
Every investor I have met has always had stories to tell concerning the ill treatment they have received in their process of investing in Kisumu real estate. They have always talked of lots of things, top in the list being corruption cases, and forceful land grabbing among many others.
An example is when I heard a known professor in town talking of how his own sons had wanted to grab his own land from him. This they did by processing every document that was needed, including the death certificate. This shocked me, I wondered how possible and how true that can be. I went to do my own research and came up with the following list of precautions which I know can help somebody.
Precautions to be taken so as not to fall prey to evil circumstances
·        Ensure you do quarterly searches to avoid cases of land grabbing
Like I have mentioned above, it is very important that you occasionally carry out searches to ensure that no one is trying to encroach your land. This is important since many times, we have always heard cases where lands are grabbed forcefully from the owners. This they do by processing everything needed without your knowledge, then go to the lands’ board, where there’s the transfer of the ownership from the owner to the buyer. The quarterly searches are therefore very necessary as they assure you that the land is still under your ownership. In Kisumu for example, the search costs only Sh300, and saves you from the entire oppression of your land being forcefully grabbed from you.
·        Make sure that the land or property you are purchasing has a genuine and verified title deed
Many times in Kisumu real estate, there have been cases of buyers complaining of purchasing lands with huge chunks of cash, only to realize later that the documents of that particular land are actually not genuine. This means that the buyer had been conned, and the worst part of it is that these con agents always take off, never to be seen after doing such an evil act. A buyer needs to be careful so as not to fall prey to such circumstances, by ensuring in the very first stage that the document is genuine. This is by carrying out a search at the land’s office. If the document exists in the land’s office, it means that the document is genuine.
·        Ascertain also that there are no cases attached to it whatsoever in the courts of law
It always frustrates when you buy a particular piece of land, only to realize that the land has some disputes, as in, it is being fought or quarreled over by the owners, who can be relatives in this case. This frustrates as it is both wastage of time and resources.
When investing in Kisumu real estate, it is important that you carry out your own research on some of these properties so as not to be a victim of circumstances.

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