Thursday, 12 February 2015

Why you should invest in Kisumu real estate as early as today

Why you should invest in Kisumu real estate as early as today
There are people who will always have a reason why they are not doing something today, but pushing it to tomorrow. This is not bad, neither is it an offense. However, what I would want to let you know is that with the current trend in Kisumu real estate, if anyone thinks of investing then it should be now.
Kisumu real estate has changed greatly. Today, there are certain things that are happening that never used to be there. For example, property value has really gone up, as the prices have been pushed to very exorbitant levels far beyond the reach of any individual buyer. This apparently, is not only in Kisumu real estate but also in the entire Kenya real estate.
Now, this is basically the reason why you need to invest in kisumu real estate as early as now. Taking up the investment early will be advantageous to you as you’ll expect to see the property value increasing with time, as opposed to waiting to invest at a later time.
For instance, there’s a report that indicated the importance of early investment, giving the example of a Ksh32 Million investment in 1 acre in 2007, which had later multiplied to Ksh173.7 Million in the just ended 2014. This tells how investments is taking another direction altogether. Kisumu also has very rich and prime pieces of land viable for any manner of investment, be it commercial or residential and of course very expensive. For example, a 1 acre piece of land in the CBD in Kisumu currently goes at Ksh 100Million. This is the same with Milimani, one of the posh and classy estates in Kisumu.  It is evident that with this kind of pricing not any individual can afford such prime lands, except just a few who have money, which again will just do residential.
Apart from those two places, i.e. the Central Business District (CBD) and Milimani, there are also other places in Kisumu where you can get land at least affordable prices. These are Nyamasaria, Riat Mamboleo and Airport. In Nyamasaria for example, a 1 acre land near the road goes for Ksh 20 Million, while one away from the road for Ksh 2.5 Million. In Riat, a 1 acre land goes for Ksh 3-4 Million. However, any which is next to the road would go for a far much higher price than that. Basically, any piece of land in Riat, Mamboleo, Airport or even Nyamasaria, which is near the road, will go for Ksh 20 Million and more. This tells how the property’s proximity to road leads to its price increase.
Investing in Kisumu real estate will soon be something else if you do not flow to its trend as early as now. I bet you, it’s going to be such a lucrative business in the near future. You just need to get yourself a piece of land in and start investing now.

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