Tuesday, 3 March 2015

A look at tourism in relation to lands for sale Kakamega

Kakamega is located in the Kakamega County which is in the western part of the Country. It is formerly the headquarters of the now defunct Nyanza province.  The area is largely known for its farming activities but recently, tourism has emerged as an economic powerhouse in landsfor sale Kakamega. The tourism industry in the area has recently emerged as one of the major contributors of the regions gross domestic income, alongside other vital sectors like the real estate, fishing and the predominant agricultural sector.
Kakamega is home to the legendary Kakamega forest which offers unique wildlife and scenic beauty. This is a suitable place for tourists who are into bird and butterfly watching. This is because of the variety of bird and butterfly species that the forest has to offer (300 and 400) species respectively. In addition, the forest has 27 species of snake, more than 350 species of trees and seven primate species including Debrazza monkey, black and white colobus monkey and vervet monkey.
There is the Kakamega national reserve which is situated in the Lake Victoria basin. It also offers a number of rare species of wildlife and a great scenic beauty. The Kakamega national park offers another tourist attraction site in the area. The crying stone of llesi is another significant feature that will strike you in this region. It is a stone resembling a human being, perpetually in tears from head to toe. The myth surrounding this peculiar stone among the locals only adds flavor to its existence. This is one feature that you cannot afford to miss out on while visiting this interesting part of lands for sale Kakamega.
The tourism sector in the region is set to receive a major impetus with the formation of Kakamega Forest Ecosystem Tourism Association (KAFETA) which is a culmination of efforts by Nature Kenya to bring together the stakeholders so as to market the region as an ecotourism destination. The body seeks to diversify tourism within Kakamega forest and western Kenya as a whole. Its main functions include but are not limited to the following:
·        Protection of environment
·        Income generation
·        Promotion of tourism activities
·        Marketing of sustainable tourism activities
·        Preserve and conserve the natural and cultural heritage of the Kakamega forest ecosystem
·        Promoting domestic tourism
These activities are set to see the tourism sector in the region grow by a big margin as it is set to give the sector the much needed impetus to further steer its growth. Thus the County is set to generate more income. With these in place, Kakamega is set to become a major economic hub in western Kenya and even in the entire Country as a whole.
Any keen reader would have noted that all these tourism activities will have created a dire need for major hotels to be constructed in the region aimed at accommodating the increasing number of tourists in the region; which is still set to rise with time.

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