Monday, 2 March 2015

How to improve the stakes in Kisumu property for sale

Kisumu has a lot of properties for sale, both for commercial, rental or for agricultural purposes. More and more investors are coming in to purchase the available properties. This is due to the numerous benefits and advantages they have received in the past transactions. Investors who have gotten fair deals in turn flaunt the idea of purchasing Kisumu property for sale to other investors who have not tried. This has in turn seen a tremendous increase in the number of overall investors coming into Kisumu for purposes of investment.
Kisumu as a whole has a great potential for economic growth and development if only the key sectors of the economy are well nurtured. The relevant stakeholders need to be more robust in handling matters to do with economic development and improvement so as to see Kisumu reach maximum scales of economic growth.
There is need to ensure and maintain political tolerance in the County. People should be allowed to associate with any political affiliations they choose without any fear of prejudice or attacks. Political intolerance leads to skirmishes and violence when they escalate to a certain level. This in effect usually drive investors away for fear of their businesses being the target of these uncalled for attacks. Local area leaders should be on the forefront of maintaining peace and tolerance within the region by preaching and practicing the same to the local residents.
There is also need for improvement of infrastructure. Though this is already underway with the construction of major roads in the County like the Kisumu-Nairobi road and the Nyamasaria by pass, more still needs to be done in terms of infrastructure so as to make Kisumu property for sale more attractive to investors. More roads should be constructed to facilitate accessibility to more remote areas within the County so that the investors can get to know and reach plots in those regions. There is also the need to boost the communication networks for smoother business operations.
Lowering the cost of building materials in the region will lure more property developers into Kisumu County since the cost of construction of houses will be significantly reduced. The government can facilitate this by reducing the taxes levied on business people dealing in building materials so that they can in turn relax the prices of their wares and goods.
The local residents themselves have an obligation of supporting and co-operating with investors, especially the foreign ones by helping in handiwork activities and even teaching foreigners the local languages for easier communication. This will make investors feel welcome in the area and they will be comfortable enough to put up more investment in the area.
Enhancing the security apparatus will most definitely put Kisumu property for sale in the frontline in terms of getting more people to invest in the area. The government is largely mandated to undertake this role but with the help of residents because security begins with an individual.

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