Thursday, 12 March 2015

Tips on how to sell your property faster in Kenya real estates

Due to the ever rising number of players within the Kenya real estates industry, investors, private developers as well as personal home owners are finding it more difficult to sell their property in the already crowded market. This is because of the increase in competition levels which is because of many people buying in the real estate sector in Kenya. Hence this requires that you package the house or property appropriately and in an attractive manner in order to draw clients, get them to eventually choose your property over that of other competitors.
How would you start this technique of beating competitors onto their game? Simple. Just follow the steps below and you will be on your way to earning that big sale.
Perform research- The most important order of business in preparing for sale of a property is being accustomed to the on goings in the Kenya real estates sector. Know about the market range prices for similar properties to ensure you don’t find yourself either over quoting or under quoting your belongings. Also know which real estate firm gives best deals in relation to commission they charge which will help you sell the property in question. Find out the one with a positive deal and go for it. Make an effort to offer some incentives to the buyers to attain an edge over competitors.
Ready your house- Some of these are repairs you will need to do here and there. Paint your house with suitable and attractive colors. Fix any broken appliances inside the home and also the rooftop if for example your iron sheets are rusted. Ensure that the house looks presentable before you decide to set it up for sale so as to attract buyers. If it is your property within a compound, make sure you mow the grass and trim the trees, just in case there is, to make the compound also look neat and presentable.
Price your property appropriately- Consider neighborhood sales for the past say like one year so as to be acquainted with the value range of property in that locality. It definitely will let you quote a price that is neither unrealistic nor too low. High prices in particular are a big turn off to buyers and they tend to shy off from overpriced properties. The buyers themselves usually do their research before purchasing property, thus they too come armed with details about the niche cost range.
Do extensive marketing- This is basically the very useful component of selling a house in Kenya real estates. Do extensive marketing in social media, print and even broadcast media, not forgetting word for word marketing. Get a reputable real estate firm to help you with this crucial section of selling a property.
Negotiating and ending the deal- Kenya real estates sector is a sector with variety, thus similar offers originate from different people and manufacturers. It's best to therefore be well prepared to receive offers and counteroffers. You should try to remain flexible with regard to the pricing but avoid stooping too low also.

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