Thursday, 12 March 2015

How to market your property in Kenya real estate

The Kenya real estate sector is an extremely competitive sector which requires a person to be very original and innovative to be able to handle the various real estate firms in the industry. You will have to every time be slightly ahead of the competitor and hence requires formulating absolute and creative marketing strategies every now and then. You have to ensure you match the tastes and preferences of given clients. This requires you to actually go out and do an extensive research on precisely what the clients want, to help you be in touch with the potential customers.
The following tips and insights which I will highlight will provide you with tips regarding the best approach to stay relevant within the competitive Kenya real estate sector concerning marketing strategies;
Identify a target market- A target market when defined is typically a people having a particular want or requirement for your product or service and are prepared to part with their money for the same. Real estate is a wide field with a number of clients. It is important for you to identify if your target customers or market segment are those looking for a property, commercial complex or those thinking about buying units. After you have come up with this, you'll be able to know what to give your clients while at the same time do it to the best of your capacity.
Segment your market- A market segment is a sub group of people in your market that share common characteristics that make them identifiable. Segmenting your market benefits you as an investor to better have knowledge about behavior of your clients. For example do they tend to move to areas out of town or do they prefer the urban setting? Can they prefer units located near the main road or far from the main road? After having identified the behaviors of your potential clients, it becomes possible for you to get specifically what suits their needs and for that reason everybody gets what he wants. They get the most suitable properties while you laugh all the way to the bank.
Be unique in whatever you offer- The Kenya real estate being a competitive sector, it’s very important that you position yourself aside others by providing stuffs that will catch the interest of your potential clients as well as one that will actually influence them and motivate them to keep coming back for more. You ought to be so much better than most, or if possible, all your competitors. Give particular attention to small things such as the interior design, overall cleanliness of the very house or compound; paint the property in order to make it look more attractive and such like things. With each of these you will be able to get more clients and as well retain the in-existence ones.
Try using a number of marketing strategies- Most investors within the Kenya real estate market make the mistake of employing just one single marketing strategy and assume that they're good to go. You need to inculcate plenty of marketing methods for instance online advertisement, direct, newsletters and so many others so you can generate maximum results.

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