Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Get a plot in Riat estate and get to explore various investment opportunities in land for sale in Kisumu

Riat estate in Kisumu is situated beside Mamboleo, down the Kisumu-Kakamega highway. It's actually a hilly estate with a great potential for just about any form of investment that a person may wish to operate. This is an area that any serious investor looking to spend on land for sale in Kisumu cannot just ignore. The area has a kind of a unique versatility in such a way that it can support various investment ventures namely; agriculture, hotel business, hostels, business complexes, villas and on top of it all, without doubt it is one of the best destinations to build up a personal home. Riat estate is increasingly boasting of a new sort of neighbors, mostly being inclusive of well-to-do individuals and real estate investors with a vision for affluent urban living designs.
The hotel business is particularly very suitable in this region considering its quietness, serenity plus its magnificent view. With deep-rooted hotels within the region, like Ukweli resort already doing well, the area is basically a promising site for hotel business. Majority of individuals in search of hotel services usually seek the out of town setting and that is simply what Riat hills entail. The picturesque view of the estate only serves to boost its capacity and credential to sufficiently host and accommodate the hotel industry.
The area is likewise suited for construction of villas, cottages or maybe even holiday homes. The setting of Riat hills can provide for a good weekend getaway or just a family outing. Serious property developers with good money to enlarge them can venture into this fresh concept that is yet to actually be fully utilized. Already, a Swedish real estate developer, Coromandele Investment Limited has set pace within the area for this manner of investment with a plan to set up luxury Swedish designed villas to be known as Hills villas.
Homes Africa, a listed real estate property firm is likewise all set to develop gated community within the same area on a 72-acre part of land some of which it’s still supplying to buyers wishing to build holiday homes. The business of villas and holiday homes is slowly picking up in Riat and it’s merely a bit of time before it reaches its peak. Therefore a wise investor should rush for a piece of this part of land for sale in Kisumu in anticipation for the expected boom in business very soon.
Rental apartments are as well viable venture within the Riat hills. Having more affluent people pushing into the region, there is absolutely going to be a need for rental units for the high income earners that are still not able to build their personal homes. Already, some real estate property developers have moved in and constructed units to accommodate such clients. One example happens to be the Victoria hills apartment, which is a gated community, made of 24 units.
The bigger population in the area will create a need for shopping complex, thus the demand for commercial buildings.

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